“David and his crew, including his sub-contractors were a breath of fresh air, reliable, honest and committed to our project. The result was a beautiful Guest House/Studio, designed by a knowable architectural firm and built to our exact specifications. The team effort of David Chase Construction, our architectural firm and us as the home owners was a delightful experience.
Walt & Lynn Clay


“My husband and I had heard all the usual stories about how hard remodeling your home is. It was hard, but David and his incredible crew of guys eased the pain at every turn. David is an excellent communicator and we realized early on that that was what we needed the most. He always answered phone calls, emails, and texts promptly. When something wasn’t quite right or to his liking he would get on the phone immediately to fix the problem. He and his guys always made me feel welcome at the jobsite, which seems odd to say since it was my house, but I never felt like I was the bothersome, annoying homeowner who’s in the way. …I would highly recommend David Chase Construction to help you through your next project.
Rachel Ramsey


“My husband and I were extremely impressed with the integrity of DCC. The quality of workmanship was superior and his team was always respectful, letting us know what they were doing and what time. We are very very pleased with the end result. We have the prettiest kitchen of anyone we know!
J Kawiecki


“Never in our wildest dreams could my husband and I hoped to have secured such an amazing contractor to build, shape and complete our home. David is an intellectual craftsman. He is smart, creative and exceptionally talented at nurturing respectful and productive relationships with city officials and fellow craftsmen who work for him. I am still in awe of this man as I watched a burned lot nurtured into a home once more. A beautiful home…and David was just as excited as we were during the transformation and still is. Make no mistake, David is an anomaly, I know the decision as to whom you will trust to build and improve your home is a difficult choice but you have an advantage…you at least have met the perfect man for the job-David Chase.”
Kirran Moss

“DCC kept on budget, worked hard to show us ways to cut costs when that was needed, and finished the project in a timely manner. We are thrilled with the end result.”
Ramon and Annie Gupta

“Whenever we show people the beautiful new addition to our home, we always rave about the contractor who built it. We so appreciated that you always returned our phone calls in a timely manner and showed up when you said you would. That alone made the whole project so much easier! The quality of work and your attention to detail as well as to the big picture made it possible to just relax and know that it all would turn out great. Your crew quickly became a fun part of our family and we actually missed you all when it was finished!
Donna & Isao Sugano

“My wife and I implicitly trust Dave and his team. They delivered our dream house on budget and on time which was an extraordinary feat in the Santa Barbara market. I would recommend DCC to anyone.
J. Yager

“Being a designer I see many different situations . David and his crew make you feel as if anything is possible and nothing is a challenge. The work is done in an effortless manner and most every little detail is taken care of and thought through. They deliver when they say they can which is rare in this business. Thank you for being in such integrity, it will take you far! I love the fact that your guys listened to classical music when installing our kitchen. A pleasant change from the usual rap we hear on the job site.
Tamara Riley